1. Chertograd
  2. Night Electric Night
  3. Death Dies Hard
  4. The Mark of the Gun
  5. Via the End
  6. Blood Stains Blondes
  7. Babylon
  8. The Fuel Ignites
  9. Arclight
  10. Venus in Arms
  11. Opium

Verdict: 10

Deathstars, you either love them or you hate them.

There is no middle ground here, none at all!

We, we think they fucking rock!

Blend a bunch of your favorite horror movies with a bit KISS and ALICE COOPER attitude. Throw some RAMMSTEIN, a little bit of MARILYN MANSON and PAIN into he bucket. Blend it with some sick, twisted humor and a pair of old stinking fascist socks and out of the smoke steps the DEATHSTARS.

Pure evil... and a lot of humor!

When Chetrograd bounces of the walls we can't help that we start to jump up and down like a bunch of kids. this is just brilliant.The last album Termination Bliss was an album filled with hits from the beginning to the end and...

DEATHSTARS have done it again.

Night Electric night is as good as it get, end of story, pick it up or die.