01. Sirens On
02. A Sudden Change Of Heart
03. Deceit
04. Break Out!
05. On My Own
06. House Of Cards
07. A Part Of Me
08. Just The World
09. Goodbye
10. A Bad Infection
11. Two Lives Wasted
12. Like A Parasite

Verdict: 7

UNION SQUARE is an outfit from Falkenberg, Sweden that also has Spawned fellow act SONIC SYNDICATE but UNION SQUARE is something completely different.

UNION SQUARE have been around for some time on the demo scene and the expectations for the debut, Making beds in a burning house are set high.

When the first track, Sirens On starts to bang of the walls it's quite obvious that this a high energy outfit. The party punk music heard on every university campus around the world, invented by Rammones, developed by bands like Bad religion and The Offspring. It's nothing unique about the style of this outfit, bad or good there are many bands around sounding like UNION SQUARE.

But Making beds in a burning house could very well have been the third UNION SQUARE album 'cause this group really seem to be in their element.

And make no mistake, the songs on Making beds in a burning house are good. In the slow, mellow song Goodbye there is all of a sudden a slight touch of IN FLAMES shining through and it becomes brilliant. This is one damn good song, a definite high point on an overall descent album.

If you are into this type of music you will like it.

We think Making beds in a burning house is a good start for a promising band.