1. Memories
  2. Running in your veins
  3. Darkest age
  4. Save my soul
  5. Shadows
  6. Stand for your rights
  7. Love will remain
  8. Loosing your senses
  9. When you're gone
  10. Seven days
  11. Too far away
  12. Set my heart on fire

Verdict: 6

This is the debut album by this Swedish quintet Renegade Five. The album Undergrounded Universe has been highly anticipated by many.

The musical engine in Renegade Five is Per Liden and HÃ¥kan Fredriksson. They have previously been a member of the Disco-Pop group Da Buzz that had some success some ten years back. Renegade Five has got quite a lot of airplay in the mainstream radio and it's no surprise. They are tough enough to come over as a contemporary hard rock band. They really are a pop band, and that's OK.

The songs have been carefully forged to suit the masses. Every single teen female looking for something tougher than Tokio Hotel is the target. And they hit the target again and again and again just like an angry woodpecker, no doubt about about that.

This is a band that could be huge or just trail away like a puff of smoke. We really don't know what to make of this band, they have songs like "Darkest Age" and "Shadows" that are absolutelly brilliant.

They have the singer Per Nylin has a Robin Mc Auley quality to his voice (do you remember the dude that sang in Grand Prix and MSG?) that really sends shivers down your spine. Yet he has a vulnarable tone that almost can be mistaken for noone less that Chester Bennington of Liknin Park. As you understand this guy can sing your socks off. Something he really proved to us at the Bandit Rock Awards...

But something is missing here, no matter how good musicians they are, skilled song writers and shrewd buisness men. Time will tell if this really has some honesty to it because we think it lacks soul. We don't belive the heart is in the right place, and that is just too bad.