HAMMERFALL No Sacrifice No Victory

    1. Any Means Necessary
    2. Life Is Now
    3. Punish And Enslave
    4. Legion
    5. Between Two Worlds
    6. Hallowed Be My Name
    7. Something For The Ages
    8. No Sacrifice, No Victory
    9. Bring The Hammer Down
    10. One Of A Kind
    11. My Sharona

Verdict: 9

HAMMERFALL: No Sacrifice, No Victory review

HAMMERFALL have always been a band that the kids adore and, the seasoned listeners have brushed off as a light weight outfit. HAMMERFALL are sprung out of the German Power Metal wonder with bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray and Accept. Their music land close to the NWOBHM and bands like Iron Maiden and Saxon, particularly the latter. HAMMERFALL started out in Gothenbourg, Sweden back in 1993 and have produced 6 full length albums over the last fifteen years. And they have produced quite a few hockey anthems over the years. But they really have been predictable on the verge of of being silly.

In the middle of the first track "By any means necessary" We find our self thinking that this is actually quite good. The intro of "Legion" brings old school Metal to our mind. It kicks off onto classic power metal anthem and I'm certain that this will work in a live set, with an obligatory sing along chorus.

"Between two worlds" is a mellow power ballad that clocks in on 5:30. It starts of with a church organ before it switches over to the obligatory acoustic guitar. The lyrics goes like this:

"In the distant mace I see two doors. One leads change, one leads to where I've been before.
I am an angel on broken wings. I am the beast, the devil an all in between. Nothing at all"

Wow! It wont get much cooler than this! This song breaks out of the typical verse chorus format and is interesting enough to be played around many camp fires in the years to come. "Hallowed be my name" is a Rock steady number with another sing along chorus that will sit well with the rest of this album. By now we are impressed with this album that we expected.. well, absolutely nothing off.

"Something for the ages" is yet another up tempo song and by now one could think that they must have eaten some special vitamins or that the air must be particularly good for your song writing skills in Sweden. This is a smoking instrumental track! The rest of the album is just as good! "Bring the hammer down" stands out as the best, but truly all the songs are good and well presented,

It is absolutely nothing innovative about their style, but they are great at what they are doing. Carving out good songs that are so easy to sing along with, complete with screaming male choirs.

Tasteful? No but it is actually good. Surprisingly good! Don't miss them if their tour happen to pass your town this summer!