RAUBTIER Det finns bara krig

  1. Det finns bara krig
  2. Kamphund
  3. Achtung Panzer
  4. Dieseldöden
  5. Dobermann
  6. Änglar
  7. Legoknekt
  8. En starkare art
  9. Hjärteblod
  10. Terror
  11. Inget hopp
  12. Göttdämmerung

Verdict: 9

Run for the shelter here comes a new breed of monster never before seen. Little is known about this creature, but the sound echoes from afar.

It is simply spelt RAUBTIER, and they are about to release their debut album "Det Finns bara krig".

This Antarctic beast RAUBTIER comes from Haparanda in the northern parts of Sweden. "Det finns bara krig" (released March 25), is the first album from the trio, that sounds like a battalion of well drilled soldiers marching by on the the burnt soil. RAUBTIER belts out diesel smoke as they level everything in the way to the ground with their sonic nuclear blasts.

Still the songs on "Det finns bara krig" are catchy, easy to remember. Heavy as hell but still with a great deal of hit potential to them. The music is industrial metal with some resemblance of RAMMSTEIN.

The first single from the album "Det finns bara krig", "Kamphund" has been on heavy rotation on some local radio stations and it has been in demand. Very much so.

We are convinced that RAUBTIERs' album "Det finns bara krig" will stick around for quite some time.


It is simply so damn good!

An album with songs like "Dobermann", "Actung Panzer", "KAMPHUND", "Hjärteblod", "Änlgar", "Inget hopp" and the title track "Det finns bara krig" you just can't go wrong.

We suggest that you throw your white cape, rip off your white wings and start to headbanging to RAUBTIER.

The quick guide to RAUBTIER

  • Black is the color
  • The church is your local bar
  • The psalms are nuclear detonations
  • The preferred drink is liquor and napalm
  • The monster RAUBTIER is fueled by diesel