SPARZANZA In Voodoo Veritas artwork

  1. The Blind Will Lead The Blind
  2. Gone
  3. Black Gemini
  4. My World Of Sin
  5. Robota
  6. Methadream
  7. On The Other Side
  8. Red Dead Revolver
  9. Bloodline
  10. The End Of Days
  11. Self Medication
  12. The Poison

Verdict: 8

SPARZANZA have been around for ages. They produce solid metal on every album, always better than the previous one. This time around they want us to find the truth in Voodoo, or, "In Voodoo Veritas" if you like.

This Swedish band lost a guitarist during the early stages of recording. And you could expect this to be an intermediate album.

You only need to hear the leading track "The Blind Will Lead The Blind" to understand that this is a vital band that just have released their best album ever.

"In Voodoo Veritas" is more versatile than the last album "Banisher of Light". It's harder as well as more melodic. There are some really great songs on here: "Black Gemini", "Robota", "Methadream" as well as the softer "My World Of Sin" are all great songs.

SPARZANZA are here to kick your ass, and they really should be given a fair chance.


They are so damn good and "In Voodoo Veritas" is a good display what great band can achieve despite internal hardships.