1. Phoenix
  2. Are You Breathing
  3. The Hunter
  4. I'm Perfect
  5. Across The Sky
  6. Emptiness Of You
  7. Far From The Dark
  8. Deleted
  9. No Destination
  10. In The Air Tonight
  11. My Own Army
  12. Mangnolia

Verdict: 7

EXILIA started out back in 2000. They are a female fronted Nu-Metal group from Milano, Italy. They got some real traction in the international market with the release of the single "Stop playing God" and they toured extensively around the release of their first full length album "Unleashed".

"Stop playing God God" is a killer track on an average album and since then that really has been the story of EXILIA. A few really strong tunes that keep you waiting for more.

EXILIA possess a real star quality and the singer is one cool chick. With the new album "My Own Army" EXILIA truly are breaking new ground.

"My Own Army" is really good album, not necessarily easy accessible, but good. On this album EXILIA have sorted out the weak elements and stuck more of the good shit in there.

Songs like "Phoenix", "Across The Sky" and "Deleted" have a true hit potential that haven't been around since 2004. "Far From The Dark" could almost be a composition from an Evanescence album...

We think that is a huge compliment for a band that previously sometimes have sounded like shit.

One think that we can't wrap our heads around is why the hell they had to do this poor Phil Colins cover...