1. My Friend
  2. Catch 22
  3. 18 Years
  4. Revolution
  5. Dawning Of A Day
  6. All About You
  7. Communication
  8. Queen Of Fools
  9. Natural
  10. All Right
  11. Moonshine

Verdict: 6

FOOBAR the Band were formed 2005, in Gothenburg Sweden, by four musicians with the same attitude to music. The music is said to be created mostly because that it's fun to play, with little or no interest in what others might think. Their debut album "Hellride" was released 2007 and followed by touring in Poland, Germany and Switzerland. The beer drinking and the dreams of stardom has made the music what it is today.

The second album from FOOBAR the Band, "Your Fiend, My Friend" is a no bullish high energy Rock n' Roll album along the veins of bands like Backyard Babies and Hellacopters. But FOOBAR has an edge to them that leaves us eager for something more.

It feels real, organic and will inevitably turn the listener into an air guitar player in the best "Guitar Hero" style. But after a while we get tired of the sound and the lack of dimension. It all simply sounds the same. Go crazy or go home.

We believe that this album don't make them justice and that this band are in their element when they are on stage.

Promising but not a home run.