Straight Frank

  1. To The Lonely Sound Of A Shotgun
  2. We All Die Young
  3. Bullet
  4. Mary
  5. Someone Like You
  6. Soul Sister
  7. Gets Me Down
  8. Break Up The Band
  9. Blazin
  10. Good Looking Corpse
  11. It Aint Me

Verdict: 9

STRAIGHT FRANK have been around for less than a year and this is their debut release. With a tad bit of luck they can go really big overnight.

Their management describe them as "three of Stockholm's brightest song writers and producers hook up with one of the coolest guitar playing tattoo artists ever to ink his mark on the patch that is good old rock 'n' roll". That sounds cool enough for us, and gifted they are. Their songs stick to your head like crazy glue or some nasty virus that just wont go away.

The band consist of lead singer Tobias Gustavsson, the drummer Kasper Lindgren, the bass player Henrik Edenhed and the guitarist Jonny Wemmenstedt. STRAIGHT FRANK land somewhere in there among bands like FOO FIGHTERS and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. The singer Tobias Gustavsson has a CHRIS CORNELL quality to his style of singing.

The first song, "The Lonely Sound Of A Shotgun" alone is an argument enough to make you buy this album. That song is so damn good! And make no mistake about it the rest of the album is good, really good.

Songs like "Mary", "Bullet", "Blazin'", and "It ain't me" all have a good chance to get airplay on the mainstream radio. Still they have attitude enough to attract a hard rock and metal audience.

It's not the hardest or heaviest album around, but it's definitely one of the best albums around right now.

STRAIGHT FRANK is a solid rock outfit with ... What ever, just buy the album!