1. Spawn
  2. Forever
  3. Endless Roll
  4. Hero(in)
  5. Waiting In The Wings
  6. Crime Of The Century
  7. Retarded
  8. Eye For An Eye
  9. The Boy Who's Transparent
  10. Rather Die Standing
  11. Blind

Verdict: 7

This is the debut album by DEFUELD, a metal band from Stockholm, Sweden.

DEFUELD are obviously not the slightest afraid of detours since they went on tour in Senegal before they even had an album to show for. It seems like it was a lucky move as they performed for more than 6000 people in the suburbs of Dakar. They were even embraced by the national media, calling Defueld's visit "one of the biggest things to happen in the Senegalese music scene in the last 20 years". Fascinating indeed!

The DEFUELD debut album sounds like ... well everything and nothing!

It's possible trace influences from all kinds of bands, there are elements from Death metal, Prog metal, Nu metal as well as just straight forward Melodic Rock.

They have thrown everything that they like into one big pot, stirred for a while and out came this album. They sound like they never want to stop! Just continue in an "Endless Roll" forever.

It's obvious that this young band goes head to head with anything they meet and we like what we hear. It's well played and shows a a big potential.