LUNATICA New Shores review

  1. New Shores
  2. Two Dreamers
  3. How Did it Come to This
  4. The Incredibles
  5. My Hardest Walk
  6. Farewell My Love
  7. The Chosen Ones
  8. Hearts of a Lion
  9. Into the Dissonance
  10. Winds of Heaven
  11. The Day the Falcon Dies

Verdict: 6

LUNATICA is one of those bands that all of a sudden is mainstream metal. A female fronted band with ambitious symphonic and progressive blend.

NIGHTWISH, EVANESCENCE and WITHIN TEMPTATION are a few of the ones that really has set the standard for the rest. Will LUNATICA surprise us with their new album "New Shores"?

LUNATICA "New Shores" is easy listening music

This type of music often has an easy listening quality to it and that goes for LUNATICA as well. The arrangements on "New Shores" are really tasteful and the melody is always more important than the individual performance.So you wont find any MALMSTEEN solos here... The music rest on sampled backgrounds (some of the samples comes from Distorted reality) and symphonic arrangements. We think it's cool when

This is the fourth full length release from this Swiss band LUNATICA. They were formed back in 1998 by the singer and the keyboardist. We are a little bit surprised that LUNATICA doesn't come across better. They tend to become a bit wimpy since the guitar arrangements are in the backseat. This weakness become obvious in the song "The chosen ones". We guess that this song will come across better in a live set with the right person behind the mixing desk.

"Into the dissonance" is a nice track that has a really strong melody and that slight off tune theme really add to the well polished surrounding.

How did it come to this is a monster track

LUNATICA comes over sounding like a BOB CATLEY solo album in its best moments. But they are sounding more like something from the Eurovision song contest at it's worst. The balads on the album "New Shores" are generally really poor with the exception of the track "How did it come to this" which is a monster track. This is the best song on "New Shores" despite that it is a ballad... We suggest that LUNATICA approach PARADISE LOST and re record this song as a duet with Nick Holmes. That would really be something to look forward to!

Andrea Dätwyler really ought to get some vocal coaching. She is a good singer alright but the pronunciation is sometimes poor. And it just doesn't cut it since the vocals has such a central position.

If you like symphonic bands, LUNATICA "New Shores" will probably sit well in your collection.