OUTSHINE - Until we are dead

  1. One for the nerves
  2. Love for the music
  3. Wisconsin H.G.
  4. Ain't life grand?
  5. Fortune
  6. Viva Shevegas
  7. Riot
  8. White wedding
  9. Until I am Dead
  10. I am sorry
  11. Save me

Verdict: 9

The Swedish quartet OUTHSHINE have been around since 1995, and they are a well kept secret indeed. We haven't heard of them and still they they are a damn good band!

Now OUTHSHINE have the brand new release "Until We Are Dead" to prove it with.

OUTSHINE sound like PARADISE LOST, The 69 Eyes and a bit of  HIM with a young BILLY IDOL as a singer. "Until We Are Dead" is high energy from start to end, with a sound leaning to rock rather than metal.

The music isn't that hard but they come across as really aggressive and in your face. OUTSHINE can attract Rock, Metal and maybe even an EMO audience...

OUTSHINE sound like a live band and they really have captured that feeling in the studio. That is an achievement in itself, but this band also have the attitude and the material to become big.

Songs like "Love for the music","Fortune", "Sorry" and "Riot" are our slight favorites. "Until We Are Dead" is an overall good and solid album by a group that we look forward to see on stage.

The only let down is a good but redundant cover of "White Wedding".