1. Hall Of The Dead
  2. Ghost Key
  3. Hand Of The Host
  4. Wavering Radiant
  5. Stone To Wake A Serpent
  6. 20 Minutes 40 Years
  7. Threshold of Transformation

Verdict: 5

"Wavering radiant" is the fifth album by US post-rock or doom-rock band ISIS.

Wikipedia describe them as: "a Los Angeles, California-based band, founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1997. They have borrowed from and helped to evolve a sound pioneered by the likes of Neurosis and Godflesh, creating heavy music consisting of lengthy songs that focus on repetition and evolution of structure. As such, a great range of musical labels are used to describe their sound, including avant-garde metal, post-metal and progressive metal."

That actually a quite good description of ISIS new "Wavering Radiant" as well.

"Wavering Radiant" is an album without one single distinguishable chorus. The shortest tune on the album is just over seven minutes long. The music sound like serene doom-metal with complex rhythms straight through. Slowly moving, changing. As soon as you find something to hook on to it metamorphose into something else.

ISIS wont have any radio hits with "Wavering Radiant" it is not easy accessible enough. ISIS will miss out on the occasional listener as well since the music lack destination. It just build and build, without any climax what so ever.

Some might think they sound like TOOL or GODFLESH we think this type of music has a strong resemblance of the progressive bands of the seventies like ELOY. They lean heavy on monotony and slowly build sonic landscapes rather than melodies.

"Wavering Radiant" is certainly well played and interesting to listen to.

One time only.