Tapping the vein: Another Day Down

  1. Burn
  2. Complicate It
  3. Party Favors
  4. Clean
  5. Bury Me
  6. I Don't Feel
  7. Razor Blades
  8. Time
  9. All My Heart
  10. Another Day Down
  11. Inclined

Verdict: 10

You should know this right off the bat. we are not unbiased when it comes to TAPPING THE VEIN and we wish them all the best.

We suggest that you give TAPPING THE VEIN a fair chance. We believe that they deserve a position along EVANESCENCE, KATE BUSH, PARADISE LOST and WITHIN TEMPTATION. They deliver live, big time!

"Another Day Down" has been delayed, and delayed, and delayed. Now it finally is here!

"Another Day Down" is their second album, and still TAPPING THE VEIN suffer a bit from studio sickness. They have trouble to capture that what is obvious live. That they are a great band with a fantastic singer.

So how bad is "Another Day Down"? It's actually not bad at all, the problem is merely that we expect so much more. "Another day down" is a really good album from a band coming across as a slightly darker and better EVANESCENCE. TAPPING THE VEIN also possess a diversity far beyond most bands. On "Another Day Down" they are mixing the low beat and mellow with the Rock and Nu Metal seemingly effortless. Blending it into something unique.

It is really not possible to pick a few songs as better than the rest on "Another Day Down", they are all molded together to become a solid album.

We really hope that some big label pick up TAPPING THE VEIN and give them a huge amount of money so they can continue to produce a lot more music.

In the mean time we are happy that TAPPING THE VEIN finally have released "Another Day Down", a damn good album.