STATIC-X: Cult of Static

  1. Lunatic
  2. Z28
  3. Terminal
  4. Hypure
  5. Tera-Fied
  6. Stingwray
  7. You Am I
  8. Isolaytore
  9. Nocturnally
  10. Skinned
  11. Grind 2 Halt
  12. WFO (Bonus tracks)
  13. Looks That Kill (Bonus tracks)

Verdict: 2

STATIC-X is a Metal band that have been around for quite some time. They came along with the wave of new bands in the late nineties; DISTURBED, DEATHSTARS, LIMP BIZKIT, SLIPKNOT only to mention a few.

Despite their tarnished reputation they occasionally have produced descent material.

Sometimes it seems like the image is more important than the music itself. Wayne Static is constantly grooming his reputation and the beard that goes with it. Porn actress Tera Wrey, Waynes wife seem to fit right into this puzzle were public appearance is the only thing that counts.

"Cult of Static" is nothing short of a giant heap of shit and the only reason we write this is just to give you a fair warning. Do something else with your hard earned cash, 'cause "Cult of Static" stink.