01. Kill To Live
02. Bedlam Strike
03. The Underminer
04. Second To None
05. Allegiance
06. Waiting For Death
07. Eternal Woe 08. Digitus Medius
09. Vulture And The Traitor
10. Pandemic Rage
11. Soldier Of No Fortune


Verdict: 6


Entombed A.D. - Back To The Front

Entombed is one of the classic bands that was fundamental in the development of Death Metal back in the distant dark ages. With albums like "Left Hand Path" and "To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth" Entombed forged their name with a rusty knife in the hearts of the fans around the globe. A while back LG Petrov anounced that Enombed indeed had signed a deal with Century Media and would release a new album. So whats the story with the name change? Well the name Entombed is owned by teh four founding members, Petrov, Hellid, Cederlund and Andersson and LG is not allowed to use it on his own. He simply had to come up with a new name so... Ta Da! Entombed A.D. has been borne, one ugly bastard it is!

So what to expect by one of the Sunlight-death inventors? Well it seems like they decided to pick up and continue where the tones of Wolverine Blues trailed of. This is a bunch of angry ass tunes that surely will make you all happy if you like the death & roll era. Despite that there are some really good tones on the album like Second to None and the kick ass Bedlam Attack I find Back to The Front somewhat monotone.

LG Petrov comment the new album:

 "Don't be afraid that it will sound like ABBA — it's 666% true to the ENTOMBED everybody loves. While not falling for total regression back to the early classics 'Left Hand Path' or 'Clandestine', expect a total bone-crushing opus that will have fans of 'Wolverine Blues', 'To Ride…' or 'Morning Star' cry tears of joy. From the morbid, pissed-off lyrics over detuned, massive riffs to the inimitable brick-heavy groove and L.G. Petrov's titanic roar, 'Back To The Front' has it all, so get ready for a stone-cold stunner!"