01. Eternal Rains Will Come
02. Cusp of Eternity
03. Moon Above, Sun Below
04. Elysian Woes
05. Goblin
06. River
07. Voice of Treason
08. Faith in Others


Verdict: 4


Opeth - Pale Communion

Opeth a death metal band that has strayed from the narrow path of growl vocals and crushing tunes evolving into something else. When Blackwater Park  was released back in 2001 it introduced clean vocals. The album was experimental, introducing plenty of new elements and... It was commercially successful. 2003 Deliverance and Damnation was full blown schizophrenia, two albums released, one heavy and one melodic. A shrewd move to scout if the band would survive the transition over to prog.

With Pale Communion Opeth continue down the path of seventies prog rock. For the younger audience this might seem like innovative or new. It truly is quite the opposite. The production is beautiful, the choirs sound just like any old prog album, Yes, Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Genesis, Eloy, ELP, hell even Styx and Kansas sounded just about the same some thirty years ago. It is not innovative, it is not interesting.

It's just boring. Pick up an album by Pain of Salvation instead.