Dope, No Regrets

  1. Flat Line
  2. 6-6-Sick
  3. Addiction
  4. No Regrets
  5. My Funeral
  6. We Are
  7. Dirty World
  8. Interlude
  9. Violence
  10. Best For Me
  11. Bloodless
  12. Scorn
  13. Rebel Yell
  14. I Don't Give A...
  15. Die Boom Bang Burn Fuck
  16. Nothing For Me Here

Verdict: 6

You flat line, you die; then it's time for some DOPE!

"No Regrets" is the fifth album by the Florida outfit DOPE. DOPE sound like any Nu-Metal band around like STATIC-X, DISTURBED, PAIN, LIMP BIZKIT, MARILYN MANSON and the lot.

DOPE had a huge success with the song "Die MF Die" that supposedly was used by US armed forces in Iraq as an interrogation method. The new album "No regrets" has been anticipated by the fans and the track "Nothing For Me Here" was included on Guitar Hero III back in 2007.

The first single from "No Regrets", "Violence" has also been around for quite a while now. "No Regrets" is an uneven album with some good songs and some fillers. Tunes like "Dirty World" and "My Funeral" are great while "Scorn" really suck.

The song "Die, Boom, Bang, Burn, Fuck" is "Die MF Die" revisited with a finger in air to the US law enforcers.

"No regrets" is a descent album and if you are into Nu-Metal this is right up your alley.