1. Fuel Of My Soul
  2. In A Black Sail Wrapped
  3. Swallow The Needle
  4. The Ark
  5. Meltdown Of Sanctity
  6. We Died Before We Start To Live
  7. Red Shining Fur
  8. The Rust That I Feed
  9. Silver Meat Machine
  10. Boneless
  11. Blues Beatdown

Verdict: 8

Verses of steel is the fifteenth release by the Polish Trash Metal outfit ACID DRINKERS. This is a solid album and its easy to understand that they have been around since 1986.

They navigate the tombs of extreme metal with an confidence that's obvious. They sound like they would be a distant relative to bands like AT THE GATES and ENTOMBED.

There is absolutely nothing unique about the "Verses of steel" but it's a well performed solid album, constantly mixing influences from a broad range of bands and sometimes there is an obvious resemblance of SLAYER.

The best tracks of the album are "Meltdown Of Sanctity", "Blues Beatdown" and "The Rust That I Feed" that gives a glimpse of a band that possess and diversity that "Verses of Steel" doesn't live up to.