1. Ashes Of Yesterday
  2. Hideous Nothing
  3. Reflections
  4. Blindfolded
  5. My Deception
  6. Fragrance Of Decay
  7. Make A Stand
  8. Enslaved
  9. Neglected
  10. The Rival Of Pain
  11. Fueled Up
  12. Entangled In Anguish

Verdict: 6

"Burst into life" is the debut album by the Swedish SYCONAUT. They have been around on the demo scene for ages and this reflects on the result. "Burst into life" is a vital album by a band has possess a true identity.

SYCONAUT is an Death Metal band with Metal Core influences and they don't fall into the trap of the two singer standard line-up, one clean, one growl that we hear over and over. This is Metal on the verge of Hell where the flames lick your feet every second of the albums duration. The album is well produced, raw and hard without loosing melodic ingredients and this is an achievement in itself for a band in this genre.

The later part of the album with "Make A Stand" and "Enslaved" stands out as the strongest part of the album when SYCONAUT start to stretch beyond the obvious.

Check SYCONAUT out, we think they will grow on you.