1. Oceans turn to blood
  2. Wicked one
  3. Speak the name of the dead
  4. The cult of death
  5. Werewolf
  6. Demons of the flesh
  7. Shadows never change
  8. Smell of the ancient ones
  9. Face the master
  10. Werewolf nation
  11. Snakes out of the mouth of hell

Verdict: 5

DEVILS WHOREHOUSE were formed by two members of MARDUK back in 2000. At that time they were MISFITS cover band that found joy in writing original material. The band has obvious influences from old school Black metal, BLACK SABBATH and obviously... MISFITS

DEVILS WHOREHOUSE sound like a MISFITS clone with strong punk and dark influences. Sometimes they resemble DANZIG during his melodic moments.

DEVILS WHOREHOUSE probably have aimed to get the sound they have but we have problems to take it seriously. The cheap blurry, boxy production resemble those old tapes that were recorded during a few intense days only to be passed on to the underground scene rather than a real studio effort. When you compare to old DANZIG albums this sound poor.

At its worst moments embarrassingly poor.

None the less there are a few good tracks on this album, "Speak the name of the dead is", "Shadows never change" could have been Twist of Cain II and "Snakes out of the mouth of hell" is a great song where DEVILS WHOREHOUSE really come to their right.

Dark and gloomy thoughts of suicide and destruction surface with DEVILS WHOREHOUSE. The constantly flirt with the occult. "Smell of the ancient ones" might be fun to perform live but it does just not cut it at all on any album and should have been scrapped during production. "Blood & Ashes" surely will find it's audience, it is a record for lightly depressed teenagers that aren't satisfied with the EMO music.