UNANIMATED: In the light of darkness

1. Better God
2. You Deserve More
3. Memoir
4. Goldeneye
5. Over And Out
6. Paper Trails
7. Blind Rhythm
8. Number 8
9. Driving Down The Void 10. In Elegance

Verdict: 10

UNANIMATED started out in 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden. They released two albums before they split up in 1996. UNANIMATED were influenced by DISMEMBER when they started out but since they left the scene they have influenced bands like DIMMUR BORGIR and CRADLE OF FILTH.

This old Swedish Death/Black Metal band reformed in 2006 when they signed a deal with Regain records. And here we have a beautiful new creation from this once fantastic band. Does "In the light of darkness" match their former glory?

When UNANIMATED started out they had an original sound that they still stay true to. They still are sharp as a knife and they always keep melodic guitar riffing under the stone hard surface.

When UNANIMATED released their first albums on the Swedish underground Death Metal scene they were unique, and they are still stand strong. It's evil and dark, yet they manage to keep a melodic core. UNANIMATED never become mainstream or radio oriented like IN FLAMES. This is how Death Metal should sound, evil, melodic and downright great.

Together with UNLEASHED they also posses the best looking Black Metal logos ever made, both were produced by Joppe Hansson, the bass player of CREMATORY