Candlemass Death Magic Doom

  1. If I Ever Die
  2. Hammer Of Doom
  3. The Bleeding Baroness
  4. Demon Of The Deep
  5. House Of Thousand Voices
  6. Dead Angel
  7. Clouds Of Dementia
  8. My Funeral Dreams
  9. Lucifer Rising

Verdict: 6

When "Death Magic Doom" started to blast out the speakers we really didn't know what to think. The record starts out sounding more like an up-tempo BLACK SABBATH Mac II, like BLACK SABBATH "Neon Knights" or something. After a quick check that it wasn't the new HEAVEN AND HELL record we continued to listen. This sound somewhat strange and cramped for CANDLEMASS that previously have rocked the foundations of Doom Metal.

The song "Hammer of doom" sound really, really close to a song that you might have heard before... BLACK SABBATH.... Well we can't judge if some lawyers will It get work out of it but it's damn close. It seems like Leif Edling has run out of riffs. Stealing equally from old BLACK SABBATH records as well as from old CANDLEMASS albums.

Regardless what CANDLEMASS claim, they suffer the loss of Messiah. No matter how good singer Robert Lowe is it just doesn't click. Maybe it is because Messiah sound like a Crazy Ozzy while Robert sound more like a slightly weak Ronny James Dio, and the music simply doesn't match the new singer. We guess that Leif Edling is happy to be the only captain aboard his ship but he really must give the lead singer more space in the mix, for gods sake, DIO even get more space in HEAVEN AND HELL.

The good thing about "Death Blood Doom" is that you hunger for some good old CANDLEMASS tunes like "Demons Gate" or "At the gallows end". This is an average album from a once great band.