1. April Rain
  2. Stay Forever
  3. Invidia
  4. Control The Storm
  5. On The Other Side
  6. Virtue And Vice
  7. Go Away
  8. Start Swimming
  9. Lost
  10. I'll Reach You
  11. Nothing Left
  12. Come Closer

Verdict: 8

With this album DELAIN put themselves right in the line of fire. DELAIN sound so much like (fellow dutch) WITHIN TEMPTATION and NIGHTWISH that it's impossible to avoid the comparison. And it's obvious that they can't cut it, Sharon del Adel is the star in comparison and Toumas is the crazy master conductor of this entire genre.

So now when that's over with; is "April Rain" anything to waste your time on?

Sure it is!

Just like previously DELAIN produce good songs and "April Rain" sounds better than any of it's predecessors.

"April Rain" is also more symphonic as well as harder, better than anything DELAIN ever have done!

"Stay forever", "Control the Storm", "Start to Swim" are all good songs worthy your attention.

If you like Symphonic rock and/or Power Metal this is right up your alley.