NEMAS: If we could play faster, we would

  1. NEMAS United
  2. Saturday
  3. Backstreets of London
  4. Alcohol
  5. Originality
  6. My voice
  7. Shoes
  8. White dove
  9. Unknown soldier

Verdict: 7

NEMAS brand new album "If we could play any faster we would" is released by Plunk records and distributed by Sound Pollution Distribution throughout Europe.

NEMAS is a young punk band with surf punk and ska influences. NEMAS make you think of bands like the Rammones and Rancid. The album "If we could play any faster we would" contains 9 songs and is 22 minutes of full speed ahead vital melodic punk-rock!

Sure it's rough around the edges, it's not perfectly performed, but that's just what it's all about! NEMAS should be proud of this album, and it sure will be played in many college dorms around the world when people grow tired of Green Day and look for something fresh.

"If we could play any faster we would" is up tempo party music and pogo dancing is obligatory from start to end. The album is amazingly even and the tunes are good straight trough.

"Alcohol" is a fantastic track telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!