1. Hoist The Mainsail
  2. Scurvy Back
  3. Back To The Noose
  4. Cloudy With A Chance Of Piracy
  5. We Sunk Our Battleship
  6. Rounds Of Rum
  7. Carnivale Boat Ride
  8. Rime Of The Haggard Mariner
  9. Cruise Ship Terror
  10. No Prey No Pay
  11. La Leyend
  12. Splash-n-Thrash
  13. The Grog Box
  14. The Tradewinds
  15. Attack
  16. Peg-leg Stomp
  17. Whirlpit
  18. All Seemed Fine Until
  20. Shipwrecked
  21. Sharkbait

Verdict: 6

"We pirates three be proud and honored to announce that SWASHBUCKLE has inked an accord with Nuclear Blast Records! They have heeded the call of piracy and have prepared for conquests of pillage, plunder, and piratical metal along side our malicious high-seas hi-jinks. Here us now, world! The pirates three sail under the Nuclear Blast flag! Grab yar swords, tighten yar peglegs, 'n hide yar booty... WE BE COMIN' FOR YE!!! YARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!"

This is how SWASHBUKLE present that they have inked a deal and will release the album "Back to the noose" on a major label. You get the picture...

This trio (well, a quartet if you count parrot „Shithead") sound like a battalion of starved pirates, that just have fled the recording set of any Pirates of the Caribbean movie of your choice. Dead set to bless the world with their own version of Pagan Metal that sound like a mix of Death Metal and regular Trash and they actually succeed quite well on "Back To The Noose". The mellow parts between the songs tie the album together in a nice way. When you have listened to "Back To The Noose" it feels like you just been hit by a broadside of their pirate ship.

SWASHBUKLE has influences from SYSTEM OF A DOWN, ANTHRAX and any old Black and white Errol Flynn movie of your choice. SWASHBUKLE is a nice acquaintance to make, and the short parts between the songs are actually really amusing. Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (guitarist of Guns n' Roses) has produced the album.

It remains to seen if SWASHBUCKLE sails in with a stage show complete with a ship sailing under Jolly Roger, canons and the whole shabang. We wouldn't be surprised at all, after listening to "Back To The Noose"