In 2013 following fantastic servants of metal were lost in action.



Phil Kennemore, 57,
bassist of hard rock outfit Y&T died of lung cancer.


  January 7, 2011
Gary Moore, 58,
guitarist died of a heart attack while on holiday in Spain.

  February 6, , 2011
Phil Vane, 46,
former vocalist for the crust punk/grindcore band Extreme
Noise Terror, was found dead in his home.

  February 23, 2011
Mike Starr, 44,
original Alice in Chains bassist was found dead in his home.

  March 8, 2011
Frankie Sparcello,
bassist of Exhorder.

  March 22, 2011
Scott Columbus, 54,
former Manowar drummer died due to unknown causes.

  April 4 , 2011
Seth Putnam, 43,
vocalist for Anal Cunt died from a heart attack.

  June 11, 2011
Mario Comesanas, 30,
DJ for Liquid Metal and writer for Revolver, died from a sudden
brain hemorrhage.

  June 13, 2011

Michael "Würzel" Burston, 61,
former Motörhead guitarist.

 - July 9, 2011

Andrew McDermott, 45
former vocalist of Threshold died from kidney failure after
being in a four-day coma.

 - August 3, 2011
Jani Lane, 47,
former lead vocalist of Warrant.

  August 11, 2011
Jonas Bergqvist, also known as "B",
guitarist and vocalist of the Swedish band Lifelover died of
unknown causes.

  September 9, 2011
Cory Smoot, also known as "Flattus Maximus",
guitarist of the American band Gwar died of a "coronary
artery thrombosis brought about by his pre-existing coronary
artery disease.

  November 2, 2011
David Gold,
guitarist and vocalist of the Canadian band Woods of Ypres
died in a car accident near Barrie, ON, Canada.
  December 22, 2011

In 2010 following fantastic servants of metal were lost in action.


Peter Steele
Type O Negative front-man Peter Steele died at age 48.


 - April 14, 2010

Ronnie James Dio
died of stomach cancer at the age of 67

 - May 16, 2010

Debbie Abono
Bay Area Metal legend Debbie Abono died of cancer at age.

 - May 16, 2010


Paul Gray
Slipknot bassist Paul Gray died at age 38.


 - May 25, 2010
Makh Daniels
Early Graves vocalist Makh Daniels died in an automobile accident.
 - August 1, 2010


Trevor Flemming
Sweet Savage founding guitarist Trevor Fleming died 


 - October 2, 2010

Steve Lee
Gotthard singer Steve Lee died


 - October 5, 2010
Armando Acosta,
the ex-drummer of Saint Vitus died
 - November 25, 2010