Ace Frehley recently did this fact or fiction session with Loudwire and some really interesting things are said. The drummer Anton Fig was a member of of KISS for a period of time according to Ace!

When Peter Criss left the band the remaining members started to audition new drummers for the slot. One of the approximately a dozen drummers were Anton Fig, a session drummer that also played on the solo album of Ace Frehley. Ace suggested that they should go for Anton and Gene and Paul agreed. Ace then called Anton Fig and to give him the great news and he was completely stoked by the fact that he were going to replace Peter Criss.

The next day Aces two fellow members had changed their mind and guess who had to call Anton Fig....

Ace also speaks openly regarding the rights to the makeup:

"I'm not the greatest businessman

I mean, I still get royalties from merchandise and other things. You know KISS doesn't own my makeup.

I license it to them. Peter has sold his make up, I license it.

Check it out below: