Seventh Wonder featuring Tommy Karnevik more known for his work with the American progressive outfit Kamelot has released a new video, Inner Enemy

 When Tommy joined Kamelot it was a well know fact that he also would continue his work in Seventh Wonder.The band recently issued the following statement:

Seventh Wonder fans, we know you have been running on empty for far too long, so it is with great pleasure we finally can release some news. We have recorded a brand new music video for the recently recorded new song entitled “Inner Enemy”.

The track Inner Enemy was recorded in Studio Wonderland and mixed by Øyvind Voldmo Larsen of Withem.

"It has been four years since the video for 'Alley Cat' was shot so it feels great to finally have a new video and a new song for you people out there. We hope this will satisfy the most immediate needs and keep you alive up to the live recording of Mercy Falls. We also have some more news coming later this fall and obviously exciting plans for the next album.

The band also say that they are alive and well and that they are really eager to present the new material.