PARADISE LOST is set to play for the first time with a real Orchestra on 20 September.

The show will welcome fans from all over Europe in the special settings of the Roman open air theater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and is promoted by radio Tangra Mega Rock.

PARADISE LOST has confirmed the songs to be performed for the first time with an orchestra, these are:

1. Last Regret
2. Your Own reality
3. Over The Madness
4. Joys Of The Emptiness
5. Gothic
6. Tragic Idol
7. Soul Courageous

Plus a brand new song, which title will be revealed next week.

Last month, our crew traveled to Belgium's Graspop festival to meet NICK HOLMES (vocals) and GREG MACKINTOSH (lead guitar).

They talk PARADISE LOST's forthcoming new studio album and the show with the Orchestra.

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