Bulent Gurcan

Bulent Gurcan är en deltagare i Naked and afraid, en såpa där de kastar ut vanliga svensson i djungeln för att klara sig så gott de kan. Han visar tydligt att han inte pallar med en massa tjat om jämlikhet och att veganer får det jobbigt när urvalet är knapert. 

 Naked and Afraid XL, Säsong 5 Avsnitt 3 | Streamly

‘Naked and Afraid’ is a reality show that tests contestants on their survival instincts — and that too under the most extreme conditions. No clothes, food, water, or shelter – the participants are required to fend for themselves while battling harsh environmental conditions. Although there is a camera crew following them to document the ordeal, the production team cannot intervene. The survivalists are on their own – literally! So, this raises the question. Considering the grueling terrain and surroundings, without the availability of basic necessities, do contestants face the danger of life-threatening conditions?

Army vet Samantha Ohl and newlywed Adam Adams were stranded in the mountains of Croatia in season 8. After battling extreme hunger and frigid temperatures, Samantha is one more contestant who had a close encounter with death. She and her partner were trapped in a rainstorm and the temperatures dipped like crazy. The only way out was to share body heat but Samantha denied doing so with Adam. As a result, she fell seriously ill and Adam had to call a medic. Samantha was diagnosed with stage-two hypothermia.

The situation was extremely tense since the medic started worrying that Samantha’s organs would stop functioning. However, she was admitted to the nearest hospital on time and she survived without any permanent damage to her health. Samantha later admitted that she still regrets not having been able to finish her challenge.

‘Naked and Afraid’ producer Steve Rankin, while scouting for shooting locations in Costa Rica in 2013, was bitten by a pit viper. When the venom traveled up his leg, his foot was severely infected. But he also made a full recovery after being transported to the hospital on a helicopter.