KISS - Stanley Simmons, off for Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony performance

Many fans have been vocal about their favorite group’s long absence from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now when the KISS Army, the "Bosses of KISS" has delivered at their end, the current remaining members, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have decided to opt out of performing at the ceremony. Both the two remaining founding members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley has said that they will play at the induction given that it is done on fair terms.

The problem?

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley is refucing to play with Peter Driss And Ace Frehley. In a statement issued earlyer it is said that “to celebrate the entire history of KISS and give credit to all members” who have played with the group over the years.

Founding members Ace Frehley "The Spaceman" and Peter Criss "The Catman" recently stated that they had not been invited to perform with fellow original members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, an assertion challenged by the current group.

"In a 2012 interview with Revolver magazine, Stanley and Gene Simmons were asked if they are bothered when people complain about Frehley and Criss not being in the KISS anymore. "Almost nobody does," Simmons replied. "

I for one have lied to my kids so they still blieve that Peter and Ace still are in the band. Anything else would render them heartbroken.

"By the way, bless 'em both — what I just said doesn't mean that Ace and Peter weren't every bit as important as Paul and myself in the beginning of the band, but not everybody has the same DNA. Some people shouldn't be in a marathon race. They're just not designed for it. Some people are good for short runs."

Well Peter Criss and Ace Frehley has been in KISS for the better portion of some 30 years! It simply is imposible to concider them as anything else than the DNA of KISS.

"The myth that sometimes surrounds the original lineup is purely myth. Some of it was of our own doing. The whole projecting the idea that it was four guys giving equally. Quite honestly, it was kind of our take on THE BEATLES: four guys that spend all their time together and run down the street jumping up in the air. But it's not a reality. And maybe part of the problem was that some of the guys in the band really bought into believing it.

"The band always had two people who were leading it and the idea that anybody is entitled to having songs on an album is crazy."

Well the fact is that Biill Aucoin was the mastermind behind the band in so many ways back in the early days. Peter And Ace formed the KISS sound, just listen to those Wicked Lester tapes and compare to the first album! Gene Simmons was into country music at the time and Stanley was a real flower child!

In a recent interview wiith the LA times Simmons and Stanley states:

“Although KISS has moved forward far longer without them, Ace and Peter are at the very foundation of what we have built, and this would all be impossible had they not been a part of it in the beginning.”

It seems like I have to help Simmons and Stanley with the counting. Peter Criss joined the band in 1972 and departed in March 2004, that is is 32 years! Ace Frehley joined KISS in the beginning of 1973 and left the band in 2002 that is 29 years! No other members (that Simmons and Stanley) has played as long with the band KISS.


Consequently, the statement added, “We have decided not to play in any lineup and, we will focus our attention on celebrating our induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley has derailed the KISS train completely. I have heard Gene Simmons address the bosses of KISS several times and it is we the fans anyone else.

I have also seen Paul throwing a complete fit when asked about the persona and if it wasn't time to let Eris and Thommy pick their own make-up like Vinny and Eric.

I the boss of KISS simply ask Gene Simmons and Pauls Stanley to pick up your sorry asses and play as a band on the induction. If not I would like to see Peter Criss and Ace Frehley to invite to persons as guests and play at the induction.

KISS mutiny 2014

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Swedish metallers Clawfinger calling it a day


The groundbreaking rap metal band Clawfinger has decided to call it quits

In a lengthy message august 24, 2013 Clawfinger describe the reasons behind their decision to disband. Clawfinger, one of the rap metal pioneers has been around for over twenty years influencing bands like Hypocrisy and Rammstein.

The bands official website still states that they are busy preparing their next big project called “Deafer, Dumber, Blinder – The 20 Years Anniversary Box”. Clawfinger has issued this message on their official Facebook profile:

"Sometimes you grow together, sometimes you grow apart, sometimes you don't grow anywhere but you still keep on going anyway for lack of better options because its all you know how to do! Anyway the simple truth here and now is that Clawfinger are calling it a day, throwing in the towel, going fishing, quitting and moving on to pursue other goals in life! After 20 years, 7 albums, more than a thousand gigs and 10 million beers consumed together it's simply time to put the band to rest and do other things! Nothing is of course ever carved in stone but please don't hold your breath, that is if anybody out there is stupid enough to even consider doing so!:D

It's been one hell of a ride, no doubt about it, bumpy yes, long and winding yes, full of dead ends and wrong turns but all the same one hell of a fucking ride, an experience to remember and treasure for life! All our love, respect and admiration goes out to the people who have supported us along the way, the fans most of all because you've always been the fuel on our fire but hell, even the records companies deserve a little thanking at a time like this:D There are too many people to thank but you know who you are and if you've been there for us so respect to you all for the love, patience and understanding you've shown us through the years. You're dedication has been priceless and maybe we'll see you out there again for the 30th anniversary if we decide to try & cash-in on past achievements with the old classic reunion trick, only time will tell!

Thank you for everything, respect and one love to you all! Clawfinger.

Sweden Rock Festival, Europe 30 years anniversary


Sweden Rock Festival is a fantastic institution. The musical range at one of the worlds finest festivals is simply stagering. Sweden Rock Festival presents well established acts as well as the one you never have heard of. The bands span from newly formed bands to a bands like KISS and Rush that vere formed beck in the early seventies. 

It doesen't matter if you prefer black-, death-, trash-, or heavy metal. If you like boogie, steady rock or prefer AOR, you will find all styles represented.

On top of it all Sweden Rock Festival is probably the nicest, friendliest festival, ever. Bring the family and check for yourself!


 Amaranthe is one of the fastest rising new bands on the horizon. The usical style is utra easy accessible, metal core style, or mello-death light if you would prefer. The band consist of three mucicians and three singers, ,one female singer along the opera vein a la Tarja Turunen, one clean singer that would sit well in any AOR band and lastly a singer with balls that  takes care of the growling a screaming duties. There is no doubt that the recepy works well, Amaranthe has the audience in their hands right from the start and hte fact that the band is somewhat unexperienced add to the charm. The singers fumble with the coreoraphy and the chat between the songs, the bad timing is really funny at times. the largest asset, hands down is Elize Ryd, she will grow into a fullblown diva just like Sharon del Adel and Tarja Turunen in a few years. Her singing effort is almost flawless and she is one of-, if not the hottest ladie/s in metal right now. 


The Spiders is a real blast from the past, their early seventies rock is really contaminating. It is rock music with psychacelic influences all the way and the female vocalist Ann-Sofie Hoyles is steaming in the afternoon sun at Sweden Rock Festival.


We were never fans of Krokus the first time around. They were completelly outgunned by ACDC in every way. It feels good to see them on the Festival stage at Sweden Rock Festival. But at the same time as songs like Long sticks goes boom and Screaming in the night are good it becomes painfully obvious that they still are second in line.


Pour accid in your ear. As the fluid melt its way into your brain start to headbang like crazy!
Naglfar is a classic Black Metal band that has been around for ages like Dissectionand Unanimated. On this rare live apearance the band deliver like no other. The front man Wrath works his ass off during the show and the audience just love it.

Saxon is one hell of a band and they prove it over and over again, the British band could easily become an obsolete dinosaur but Saxon has survived. The Sweden Rock Festival gig open in a ferocious tempo and between the songs Biff invite the audience to wish for songs. The band is tagged to the teth and they really work their asses of to please the audience. 
Saxon blend the old material with quite a bit of new songs and the new material that is slightly harder and more direct lift the set even more. Saxons new albums are just as good as the older ones and this is something that the band is aware of.
Towards the end of the set Biff tells that the show is recorded and will be used sometime in the future, this makes the crowd go nuts! Sexon pulls off one of the best shows during the entire Sweden Rock festival, they are even better than hte last time in 2011 and that show kicked some serious ass.  

Crazy licks
Crazy Lixx present sleaze metal the way it is suposed to be done in the 21 century. There are three bands playing at the same time, Saxon, At the Gates and Crazy Lixx. Crazy Lixx pulls off a fresh high energy gig and during heroes are forever the audience try their best to outgun the Saxon audience.  

At The Gates

Ate The Gates, classic, epic and before their time. At The Gates were one of the bands that invented what would become the gothenburg sound. At the time they didn't have an idea that the style would go big and they broke up. bands like In Flames and Soilwork carried the torch to stardom. The band has reunited since and are doing occasional gigs, but in the rear wiev mirror it seems like melodic death bands have refined the style into something a lot better than it once was. We are left with an empty feeling,


Europe celebrated their 30th anniversary, they suck and we left early.
Joey Tempest is the cheesiest front man there is, we despise him. 
The music Europe has produced is highly overestimated.

KISS perform on Sweden Rock Festival 2013


KISS perform on Sweden Rock Festival 2013.

We could guess what the reviews would say even before KISS entered the press conference!

KISS arrived to meet the press well over an half hour late and the temperature was excrusiating (or hotter than hell if you like...).

The background noice was high and it must have been a real challenge for the hearing impaired Paul Stanley. He missunderstood the opening question ( believing that the journalist were asking about the bands sexual excursions) and everything went downhill from there. The second question was why Eric and Thommy didn't get to create  their own personas in the band despite that their efforts are considerable.

Paul Stanley went right through the roof and for a moment it looked like he was going to leave! Right there he looked just like a grumpy kid, standing in the corner with his back to all the journalists. After just five questions KISS folded the press conference! The only things of interest that were mentioned, Paul hinted that he will release his memoires next year and that he ultimatelly will tell the truth. Well, we surelly look forward to that one after the display this evening...

KISS pulled off a solid show at Sweden Rock Festival, Paul Stanley are having some real problems with his voice and he is struggeling throughout the show. But Gene really steps up to the plate and takes command and he really does it with honors! The Spider set really is amazing! The light and pyro is beyond anything I have seen before.

Trust us, KISS will skip Shock Me, it really becomes an insulting gesture and the solo effort is just a filler since no one cares about Eric and Thommy.

The national press slashed KISS by the ancles just as expected but the crowd in front of Kiss singing and dancing could not care less.

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